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[JW Plastic Surgery Center] Happy New Year~D-1 2016

Hello~ Now 2016 is coming in few hours All the staff of JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea wish you had great 2015 and GREET 2016
As a Spoiler Please keep watching our blogs because JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea's 2016 Events for foreigner will be coming soon~ Thank You for everyone who are interested in our Blog and people who are coming to our blogs to see all the beautyful real story of plastic surgery center in korea our models, realistic stories about the plastic surgery, postscripts of plastic surgery, and Epilogue of plastic surgery in Korea We will continue with posting our realistic blogs comments or their stories by patients who comes to JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea with honest so STAY TUNED

our models, realistic stories about the plastic surgery, postscripts of plastic surgery, Epilogue of plastic surgery in Korea,STAY TUNED," />

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Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Botox, Breast Implants and Nose Jobs Before and After Pictures

Halle Berry seen being wheeled around and wearing heavy facial prosthetics while filming "Truth or Dare" in Los Angeles. The actress is later seen wearing massive fake breast implants.

Most actresses who have won Academy Awards are always dealing with plastic surgery. Halle Berry, who has been changing her appearance, is one of them. Even though she denied this rumor, her photos recently showed that her appearance has changed, at least for some parts of her body. Further, when an incision appears on her body, there is no doubt that she surely has had plastic surgery.

It is no secret anymore that when a person has plastic surgery, there will be a scar or incision that will appear, but it depends on the surgeon whether he can hide the scar or not. First, she had a  breast augmentation that is very easily seen by the public. It is common to have an incision on her armpit after this procedure, because most of the work is done through the armpits. Halle’s recent photos show that sh…

Did Ha Ji Won have Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Facial Fillers and Eyelid Surgery Photos

Koren idol Ha Ji Won was accused has beauty transformation through plastic surgery. This rumor appears when her old photos that look so different with her recent appearance widely spreading among Netizen. Some believe she had put herself under the knife, but the other party or Ha Ji Won enthusiasm said its just make up that make her quite different from time to time. 34 years old South Korean actresses Ha Ji Won who has gain international recognition for her role as Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden (TV series) was accused has beauty transformation along with plastic surgery done.

Those who believe that Ha Ji Won has plastic surgery accused she has Rhinoplasty , facial fillers and eyelid surgery. Like any other Korean idol, Ha Ji Won plastic surgery triggering pros and cons among fans. But Ha Ji Won never gave a clear explanation regarding plastic surgery transformation that was accused of her.

She has beautiful face with innocence looks that was combined with good personality image make Ha Ji…

Cindy Margolis Plastic Surgery Breast Implants and Cheek Implants Before and After Pictures

Cindy Margolis plastic surgery is like a really hot cultural relic. She was big on the internet when the internet wasn’t big on itself. She was “the most downloaded woman on the internet” back when AOL (it’s awesome how many people don’t remember what that was already) was in it’s heyday. These days, she’s a mother of three, and a reality TV star. Not a bad way for life to turn out, but she didn’t get there on her own. Cindy has had a lot of work done. She had for sure had breast augmentation (not complaining) and rhinoplasty. That’s obvious when looking at pics of her in her early 20s, she looks completely different. What’s debated is whether she maintains her youthful look and MILF status by taking good care of herself, or whether she has had chin and cheek implants, and a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). It could really go either way. Has she had a lot of work done? Or is she just really good with a makeup case? You be the judge.

In the past, Cindy Margolis has already undergone sev…

Gwyneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery Botox, Breast Implants and Nose Job Before and After Photos

The beautiful and iconic actress Gwyneth Paltrow has again in 2013 been awarded the title Most Beautiful Woman In the World. After all of these years of fame, this American actress continues to be a simple, natural beauty. Just how natural her beauty really is has recently come into question, however, due to some rumors that she has had a nose job, as well as other forms of plastic surgery. Now in her forties, it would seem that some plastic surgery work might be required to keep her looking fresh and young.

Gwyneth Paltrow been looking a little different lately, hasn’t she? Inevitably, every woman in Hollywood faces the same pressure, whether they admit it or not – especially actresses. Some women are strong enough to resist going under the knife – a la Meryl Streep, Diane Lane, etc – but usually those women are known more for their acting ability than their looks. Gwyneth Paltrow, while not a bad actor, is known more for her looks, her lifestyle, her husband, and her off-screen life …

[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] Asian Girl who had zygoma reduction(v-line)+full face fat injection from Korea

I always thought my facial line was not smooth and have big cheekbone ever since when I was young, then for first I started research about the best plastic surgery center with best plastic surgery surgeon in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore first then I started search about the plastic surgery center in U.S. and South Korea who I really can trust their skills, techniques, and reliable surgeons for the plastic surgery.  Because I do not wish to have revision of surgery, I wanted to be done at once! There were few things needed to be my plastic surgeon & plastic surgery center:  1. In-house anesthesiologist for my safety (because based on my research I found out that I will need to do under general anesthesia for facial bone contouring surgery) 2. Requires of well-skilled with lots of experiences surgeon 3. In-house translator because I will need to have right communication with surgeon to have right surgery also I did not like about the travel agencies or other method to find plastic surg…

Greta Van Susteren Plastic Surgery Facelift, Botox Before and After Pictures

Greta Van Susteren, the famous TV personality from America, is rumored that she’d plastic surgery. It is saying that Greta has done Eyelift, Botox and Facelift.

When the famous host Greta Van Susteren moved from CNN to Fox news in early 2002, she got plastic surgery for her face to become younger and more attractive. Greta then appeared in a completely new style and trendy hairs. The image of Greta suddenly had left a lasting impression in the eyes of the viewer: a charming girl sitting behind the desk in dialogue with a short skirt and long legs.

The Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery story is no secret, as this legal analyst for a host of television shows has publicly talked about her eye lift.

Greta Van Susteren was born on June 11, 1954 in Appleton, Wisconsin, and she has gained international recognition for her legal commentary on a number of television news shows.

Now, Greta is aged 58 – the age which starts appearing wrinkles and lines. But did you see any signs of aging in her fa…

Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Botox Injections Before and After Photos

This is the world of science and technology and it has made it possible for human beings maintain their youthful appearance for a long period of time. Now, healthy diet, yoga, and some medical treatment can keep our body fresh and charming. This trend has become more common among Hollywood celebrities. Even the actresses, who have crossed their 70s are still fabulous and gorgeous. They don’t have loose skin with horrible wrinkles. For this purpose, most of the celebrities use Botox injections, fillers, Rhinoplasty, liposuctions, cosmetics and plastic surgeries. Goldie Hawn plastic surgery is one of the best examples of Youthful appearance. She looks completely changed with several medical treatments.

The reporters and her fans can compare her bundle of pictures to guess about significant changes. She has appeared with well shaped breast and tight skin. Her boobs look fuller and sexy that is impossible in this old age. As compared to her age, her figure is more perfect and attractive as…

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Botox and Fillers Cheek Implants Before and After

There have been plenty of Cindy Crawford plastic surgery rumors swirling around since she still looks beautiful and amazing in her 47-year-old-age. Her face still looks smooth and flawless without any aging signs like wrinkles, crows feet lines, and other aging signs typically seen in women her age. What’s going here? Is there botox involved, or has she discovered the fountain of youth? Let’s find out.

Cindy Crawford shot to fame in the late 1980s as one of the original supermodels. Her trademark facial mole and natural beauty were a refreshing contrast to the more plastic appearing models that were popular at the time. After retirement, Cindy has made thousands of dollars marketing skin care products and rejuvenating creams. Cindy Crawford has been touted as an ideal example of natural beauty, unblemished by the surgeon’s knife.

Unfortunately, things are not what they appear. Cindy has recently admitted that her “natural beauty” is simply the result of her decade long relationship with…