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[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] Nose Surgery and Fat Grafting in Seoul

This is little awkward that posting my own Plastic Surgery Journey on the blog >_<
But I will share my plastic surgery journey in Korea 2015
I'm actually Korean who got raised in U.S.
I decided to have plastic surgery journey in Korea because I heard that Korean Plastic Surgery skills are really great compared to other countries overseas also they have more experiences in this
Plastic Surgery industry.

It took me good amount of times for the researching right plastic surgeon in korea for my cases, since there are so many of plastic surgery clinics in Seoul with good surgeons.
When I searched google "Best nose surgery surgeon in korea" JW Plastic Surgery Korea or
Dr. Man Koon, Suh showed and lots of youtube about his works appeared on google
More search i do about Dr. Man Koon, Suh more I can give trust in him, so I have decided to undergo surgery to him from JW Plastic Surgery Korea

This is My before surgery picture As you can see my nose is bulbous and little wide I fo…

[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] Cheekbone reduction/endo-forehead lifting by ...

This is video clip of
Dr. Sang Joon, Lee from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea

Specialized surgeon in facial contouring from
JW Plastic Surgery Korea

Surgery Performed: Dr. Lee (Sang Joon, Lee)

Which Surgery: Endo-forehead lifting, Facial Contouring, V-shape

JW Plastic Surgery Korea

598-6 Shinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
서울시 강남구 신사동 598-6

English Hotline : +82-10 5768 5114/ 10 7195 5114
Chinese Hotline : +82-10 2213 5114/ 10 2810 5114
Thai Hotline : +82-10 4623 5114

Kakao Talk ID : jwps / jwbeautykr
E-mail :

Website : (On-line consultation available)

[JW Plastic Surgery Korea & Skin] JW Plastic Surgery Korea & Skin were invited to Korea Culture & Travel Festival in Paragon Mall, Thailand

There was Korea Culture & Travel Festival in Paragon Mall, Bangkok,Thailand on October 2nd~4th As you can see from above picture that many of people came to see the exhibition and people were showing lots of interest in Korean culture

JW Plastic Surgery Korea & Skin were invited to the Korea Culture & Travel Festival as an exhibitor

 Many of people showed up on our booth and showed interested about our clinic
and they lined up in front of our booth to have face to face consultation about their concerns or how to improve their beauty. We were very grad that everyone who showed up on our booth were very satified about the consultation and promotion we had:)
It was very greatful time for us since we had chance to meet with new people and share about the concerns of their own problems and shared our thoughts to them

 I couldn't take all the pictures but there was lots of events such as:
1. Selling Korean foods and Korean snacks
2. Playing or learn how to play korean traditional g…