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Do It Yourself Plastic Surgery Devices and Gadgets

As mentioned in my previous blog Plastic Surgery in South Korea South Koreans get more plastic surgery per capita than citizens of any other country in the world. In that country it is seen as a prerequisite for success in work and relationships. The patients are also getting younger so patients in their first or second year of high school are becoming common. With this high demand a number of citizens especially teens cannot afford to have the surgery so they are turning to cheaper devices and gadgets to mold their features into a desired shape or appearance. Most of these devices are designed to supposedly change facial appearance and are sold online. The sellers of these devices make claims that have no scientific basis and there are no studies proving the efficacy of any of these devices. In fact looking at some of these devices would make one think their application is more suited to a form of torture. The use or overuse of these devices could very well result in infections, perm…


1. Prescriptions: The most important you will need when recovering from surgery are the prescriptions that are given to you at your pre-operative appointment. It is a good idea to get these filled prior to your surgery so that you will not have to worry about running to the pharmacy on your way home from the hospital. These prescriptions usually include a pain medication and possibly an antibiotic.

2. Ice Packs: Icing is an important part of your recovery for the firs 24-48 hours. In this period of time icing will help to decrease the amount of swelling you will experience. After this time icing can also be used for comfort. For example, icing after liposuction helps greatly to decrease the amount of pain experienced. Making your own ice packs is quite easy. Take a heavy duty freezer ball and fill with 3 parts water and 1 part rubbing alcohol. This mixture will get really cold, but will not harden!

3. Ointment: Most cosmetic surgeries (but not all) will require you to use ointment of so…