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Lip Lift - Corners of Mouth Lift Surgery for Drooping Corners of Mouth

The relative positions and shape of the lips and corners of the mouth signify ones age or youthfulness and emotional status (happy, sad, angry). As one ages the upper lip thins, sags and wrinkles. Skin folds or marionette lines appear extending downward from the corners of the mouth and those corners slant downward. The earliest approaches to this area were the surgical facelift and lip lift surgery that removed or repositioned tissue around the mouth specifically removing skin in the area where the lip joins the lip skin (vermilion advancement) or removing skin just beneath the bottom of the nose. The results of doing so however were variable and the scars can be disfiguring. Later came chemical peels and lasers to remove aging wrinkles of the lips. In the 1980s doctors began injecting botox into the muscle that pulls the corner of the mouth downward (the yellow circle in the video below). This gave subtle but temporary results as did injectable fillers in the corners of the mouth. A…


We are so happy to announce that we will now be offering Coolsculpting at The Office of Dr. Glen Brooks! 
Coolsculpting is a non-surgical method of fat reduction that uses cryolipolysis to permanently kill fat cells. Cryolipolysis is the use of controlled cooling to injure and kill subcutaneous fat cells while keeping the overlying skin unharmed. This method of fat reduction requires NO surgery and NO downtime! You can have the procedure performed on your lunch break and you can work out the same day! There are very minimal side effects with the most common being redness, bruising, swelling, tenderness to the touch, cramping, itching, tingling and numbness. Coolsculpting permanently kills 20-25% of the fat cells in the treated area.This is great for that stubborn pocket of fat that just doesn't go away even with diet and exercise! If 20-25% of the fat in an area isn't enough, the area can actually be treated again for further fat reduction and an additional 20-25% reduction can…

Xanthelasma, Xanthomas, Eyelid Cholesterol Deposits

Xanthomas are deposits of fat filled foam or xanthoma cells in the superficial dermal layer of the skin often surrounded by scarring and inflammation. The condition of having them is called xanthelasma. About half of the patients with xanthelasma have a metabolic disorder with increased fat in the blood (Hyperlipoproteinemia type IIa - high blood cholesterol and LDL levels). The fat is transported in a protein capsule so the complex is called a lipoprotein. The treatment for this type of hyperlipoproteinemia is bile acid sequestrants, statins and niacin.

The treatment of xanthomas has been surgical removal of the material with or without overlying skin, laser treatments and chemical peels. The treatment decision tree depends on the size and number of xanthomas and whether they are hard or soft. Hard ones can be uncapped to remove the xanthoma and then the cap of skin is sutured back down. Smaller xanthomas closer to the lower eyelid lashes or upper eyelid creases can be removed with th…