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Are you goal oriented?

Are you a goal oriented person?

If you are reading this blog, I'll have to assume that the answer is yes. And with that yes I would say that you are not only goal oriented, but that your goals are set very high.I would encourage any of you seeking a career in surgery to set extremely high goals for yourself. Never be satisfied with the status quo. If you aim high enough, you may actually achieve something quite significant, even if it is not that exact goal.There should be no day that passes by where you did something that you could not have done better.
One of the beauties of plastic surgery is that there is an immediate result.There's an immediate satisfaction of the work that you have done as a surgical artist.To that end, I am never satisfied with the result at hand, and I always wonder what other ways I could have gotten this result even better!   If you read the biographies of successful people, I believe many of them live by two strong principles. #1.They set very high g…

Angelina Jolie, Mastectomy, and her Breast Cancer Treatment

I applaud Angelina Jolie's candid approach to her recent treatment for breast cancer. Because of her “star” status, she is able to put a significant spotlight upon current issues in breast cancer treatment today. This includes the BRCA gene, which places her at high risk for breast cancer, that many people may not know much about.It also highlights her approach to this situation with her getting prophylacticbilateral mastectomies and immediate breast reconstruction with tissue expander implants.

Many people may wonder why someone would want to undergo bilateral mastectomies at this stage of her life while not actually having breast cancer but having a high risk gene.She explains it quite well:she wants to decrease her chances as best as possible, even at the cost of losing her breasts.The complete removal of the breast tissue (mastectomy) early on decreases the chances for breast cancer significantly in the future. In the meantime, she can undergo breast reconstruction which will s…


Anti-aging treatments start a lot younger than we think! Good parents start their children on an "anti-aging" regime the very first year of their life by making sure their kids are always smothered in sunscreen! People who then avoid the sun or wear sunscreen religiously and avoid things like smoking and a poor diet end up with much smoother, tighter, younger looking skin when they reach their 40s than those on the other end of things. So, anti-aging isn't just about treatments it's about PREVENTION! If you never form those wrinkles than you won't have to do those things to get rid of them! Or more realistically (since we will all form wrinkles eventually) you will be able to get rid of them much easier! 

Patients are frequently coming to the office for a facial rejuvenation consult for either fillers or neuromodulators (botox, dysport, xeomin) and asking us, am I too young to be starting this? How old are most of your patients? Patients are frequently worried tha…

Brachioplasty - Upper Arm Lift

Upper arm fat and skin removal to reduce hanging upper arm skin in obese women was first described in 1930. Cosmetic brachioplasty or upper arm lifts were first described by Argentinian surgeons in 1954 and subsequently became a well established procedure. However, due to the scarring, fluid collections under the skin, nerve damage and wound problems associated with the surgery it was not very popular. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics as recently as the year 2000 more than 300 women got upper arm lift procedures in the US. Last year, 2012, the number increased to more than 15,000. 98% of these patients were women, 42% had undergone previous weight loss surgery, 63% were aged 40 to 54 and 33% were over age 55. The total spent on brachioplasties in 2012 was $61 million. What accounts for this 5 fold increase in the number of procedures over 12 years? Some of this is due to the increase in weight loss surgery. Over 200,000 Americans a year undergo some kin…