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It's pretty hard to live in our world these days and not know what a chemical peel is. Most people have either had one in the past or at least have known someone who has had one. What can be more difficult to determine is whether you are the right candidate for a peel, what type of peel you should get and what the result will be. This post will hopefully answer some of these questions!

Let's start with, are you the right candidate? The answer to this question for the majority of people is YES! There are very few contraindications for having a chemical peel. The most common contraindications include sunburned skin, open wounds, medications that cause sensitivity such as Vitamin A derivatives (Retin-A, Retinol, Adapalene, Accutane), cystic acne, heightened allergies and skin infections. Patient who are on topical keratolytics such as Retin-A will be asked to discontinue them for a period of time prior to the peel.

Another big question that must be answered in deciding if a chemica…


In honor of May being Melanoma Awareness month we will be selling our "Pale is the New Tan" shirts again this year! With Melanoma on the rise it is more important than ever to raise awareness. Please help us do so by purchasing a tee-shirt and wearing it around your town! All of the proceeds from the sale will go to The Melanoma Research Foundation.

We will be selling the shirts at the office and spa located at 776 Longmeadow St. Longmeadow, MA. We will have a limited supply of shirts available for same day purchase. If you would like to order more shirts or if we don't have your size, we can special order them for you! Tee-shirts are $20 each

Awareness and prevention of Melanoma starts with knowledge! Here are a few easy ways to remember the risks for Melanoma and the signs of Melanoma. Visit for more information about Melanoma and other Skin Cancer.


If you have 1 or more of the following you are at a higher risk for developing melanoma.
M: Moles (…