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Plastic Surgery Training Programs

Plastic Surgery training has been rooted in the principles of general surgery training for many decades. The traditional path to become a plastic surgeon usually meant you completed 5-7 years of general surgery, and then completed another 2-3 years of "plastic and reconstructive surgery" fellowship. That's almost 10 years of training after your 8 years of undergrad/med school.

Most specialties, such as orthopedic, neurosurgery, etc, have moved beyond so many years of general surgery, and have abbreviated time (1 year), and the rest of the their training is in their specific field. Plastic Surgery has also moved toward this route with "Integrated" programs. These programs have typically 3 years of general surgery, and 3 years of plastic surgery, hence the term "3 and 3 program." The vast majority of the top plastic surgery institutions at major academic centers have moved toward this model.

The advantage of these programs is that you have an ear…